Latest RAW recipes

You will be surprised how few ingredients are enough for perfect recipes.

Mango ice cream (raw sorbet)

Mango ice cream is one of our favorite ice creams. If you add fresh herbs to the frozen mango, a small miracle will happen. Be sure to try it.

Raw Chive Spread

A variation on a great and very simple chive spread made of sunflower.

RAW Chocolate Pralines

A basic recipe for our favorite RAW chocolate pralines. They are super tasty and give you endless space for your creativity with fillings.


You will know right away if RAW works for you

RAW food charges you, said those who have already tried it

Tomáš Vykoukal

Zuzka appeared at my great crossroads of life and showed met the green way. A path full of energy, health, love, and beauty. Following her example, I started with the RAW food diet and also the journey to myself. I lost 31 kg, cleansed my body, and found a new job which also became my hobby. Over two years we have tried many raw recipes together and I believe they have inspired many people who have attended our raw food courses.

Mgr.et Bc. Petra Borkovcová

In the time of my great life change, during which I lost 22kg and began to realize more that life is worth living, I met Zuzka – full of energy, radiating inner strength, enthusiastic about the work she does. At this time I was a complete beginner in vitarianism. From one day to another I left the sauces with dumplings, sausages, pastry, milk, etc. and started to cleanse my body. An online RAW course with recipes has helped me and is still helping me a lot on my life journey.

Jan Noah

Ing. Jan Noah

I had the opportunity to have tried a large part of all the recipes that Zuzi shows and describes how to prepare them. The preparation of each recipe is perfectly described (even for men) and the recipes are very simple, but complete in terms of taste and final appearance. I would call this project the Bible for people who want to start fully with RAW food. But it is also for those who like to experiment and create interesting and especially healthy meals.

I started eating RAW when I was a little girl

I just didn’t know it was called that

I have avoided meat since my childhood. It was completely natural for me. And gradually my journey through life led me to the raw and vegan diet. Thanks to this diet and many detoxifications, I cleansed my body and began to perceive its real needs. I began to trust my body again and discover its immense wisdom. And now I am teaching others through workshops, books, or video recipes. Eating well is not difficult and I will show you how to start easily and quickly.

My whole raw story

My passion continues with our family company Vitalvibe

Vitalvibe offers:

  • BIO and RAW life-giving food
  • Superfoods
  • Plant-based proteins
  • Detoxification mixtures
  • Green foods and seaweeds
  • Professional advice 
  • And much more

We travel the world and discover the food of the highest possible quality.

For us. For our family.
And also for you.

We love what we do.

Discover the world of Vitalvibe

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