Mango ice cream (raw sorbet)

Mango ice cream is one of our favorite ice creams. If you add fresh herbs to the frozen mango, a small miracle will happen. Be sure to try it.

Mango ice cream (raw sorbet)2021-03-27T21:08:19+01:00

RAW Chocolate Pralines

A basic recipe for our favorite RAW chocolate pralines. They are super tasty and give you endless space for your creativity with fillings.

RAW Chocolate Pralines2021-02-14T14:22:39+01:00

RAW Chocolate Slices

Very simple recipe for raw and vegan chocolate slices from just 4 ingredients you probably have at home.

RAW Chocolate Slices2021-02-04T12:13:52+01:00

Salted Almond Cookies

Probably the best of my cookie recipes. They’re delicious both raw and baked. And you can make them many different ways because almonds can be substituted by hazelnuts, walnuts, or cashews.

Salted Almond Cookies2021-02-14T14:18:47+01:00

Bali Bliss balls

One of the most amazing raw pastries I got from Bali. The tastes in this batter are perfectly balanced.

Bali Bliss balls2021-02-12T20:08:35+01:00

Salted Hazelnut Cookies

A hazelnut variation of my favorite salted almond cookies recipe. They’re delicious both raw and baked. And you can make them many different ways because hazelnuts can be substituted by almonds, walnuts, or cashews.

Salted Hazelnut Cookies2020-12-28T19:54:45+01:00

Orange truffles

One of the super easy raw balls recipe. They even taste great without the orange essential oil. Or you can experiment with your own flavours.

Orange truffles2020-12-28T19:30:41+01:00

Salted cocoa biscuits

The combination of cocoa and salt is a perfect option, especially when combined with my favorite cookie dough. I believe that this recipe will become one of your favorites.

Salted cocoa biscuits2021-02-14T14:17:11+01:00
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