From time to time, we hold beautiful conscious events in our house. We inspire each other, share thoughts, or sing in a circle. We drink clean water and cocoa, taste some lovely vegan and raw recipes (everyone brings some of theirs) and we simply enjoy time together.

This video is from one of the events. Our friend from Mexico held a traditional cocoa ceremony, as she learned it at home. It was beautiful to see and feel how sacredly she prepared the cocoa drink and the ceremony. We could all feel great respect and humility. It took almost 4 hours to prepare everything. And it was an unforgettable experience.

You can find her as Cacao Amaité.

I share other inspiration from our life mainly on Instagram @zuzka_loveofraw

And I found wonderful inspirational text on this topic:

Shamanism is respect for everything that surrounds you. What does it mean to live a shamanic life? It does not mean that we have to learn to summon ghosts, play tambourines, collect herbs, and dress in special clothes.

What do you think is shamanism in general? This word has no translation because it sounds the same in all languages ​​and in some it means “north.” I want to try to define this word. I have seen this definition in Mexican shamans. Ready?
Shamanism is respect. And that’s all. Respect everything around you. Everything without distinction. Animals, plants, sounds, people, professions, ghosts, religions, nations, natural and artificial, life and death. There is only one practice in shamanism – to show respect for something.

Let’s take the water. Do you smell water? We are made of water, we drink water, we wash with it, but do we respect it? And what is “respecting water?” It’s not hard to understand. Follow these steps: pour yourself a glass of water and show respect before drinking. Best out loud. All you have to do is thank the water for its strength, give it a few compliments, smile at it, wish it something good, pay your respects, and then drink it. Idiotism, right?

For me, idiotism is when you don’t do it. Not that I would do it every time. But if I can remember the respect before I drink water, I’ll do it. This is the shaman’s way of life.

Let’s develop this idea. Imagine that ancient people did this not only concerning water but also everything around them. If this is not done automatically but consciously, then over time you can see how the world reacts. For example, water can change the taste. One response to some words, another to others. This reaction can be called water consciousness or the influence of water spirits. By further developing relationships, water can teach a lot.

If you trust Castaneda, then don Juan said that you can move through space at any distance using a stream of water. Why not? Gradually, this practice will lead us to the concept of “ritual”. When we receive an answer from the world, we gain knowledge about how the world should be treated. We will go into conscious interaction with the world. And then we stop destroying it.

As I watched one shaman, I saw that with a simple heartfelt approach to the four directions of the world, thanks to the spirits of the four elements, these spirits appeared in a minute and did everything the shaman required of them. It is an absolutely wonderful friendship between man and nature. That’s real magic. So let’s awaken in us this ancient way of communicating with the world.

And then the power that awakens in us will lift us to heaven!

Respect means – celebrate!
Rejoice in everything, give thanks for everything!
Breathe love, exhale gratitude.