My personal story about synchronicities, gratitude, love, nature and why I recommend Vitalvibe :-)

This article would actually start with my personal story, which is so long that I will more likely point out how my journey with Vitalvibe actually began.

Honza (co-founder of Vitalvibe) became my partner at a time when I had already discovered the magic of raw food and at a time when my father had decided to change his lifestyle and overcome his cancer in a different way than the classic one. That is, the natural, cleansing and change not only of his eating habits.

Dad has succeeded and is still fully healthy, so not only I, but also he and our other family members live the topic of health in all its aspects. So not only diet, but also other topics such as water filtration (we recommend reverse osmosis as the best solution), electrosmog, frequency therapy, detoxification procedures, cleansing of individual organs (for a time we ran hydrocolontherapy for bowel cleansing, but in the end we closed this activity because of complexity of regulations in legislation here in the Czech Republic), etc.


Through a lot of synchronicities and beautiful coincidences, I suddenly met a conscious man in my life, at a time when raw food was just in its beginning here in the Czech Republic. The fact that someone has been eating this way for several years has been a huge inspiration for me. Also that he went through a lot of detoxifications and lived his life in different parts of the world, where he discovered various superfoods and divine combinations of flavors. And himself.

In addition, at that time, Vitalvibe was already operating and organizing various trips with RAW food. For me, it was as if I had discovered a family, someone who shone and enjoyed life as much as I did. Someone who had very similar interests. Someone I felt I knew a long, long time ago. Suddenly I knew that my life so far was no longer what I wanted to live on. I knew that if I wanted to live in truth, in harmony with my soul and heart, I had to leave everything old for the new, radiant, heart-warming, adventurous, healthy… and alive :-)

And so I left my relationship after ten years, I left my marriage, I got divorced and changed everything… and until today I am so grateful that I had the strength to do it and go for what I felt with my heart was right, even though my mind said other things even though it wasn’t easy. But it was such a strong call, it was bigger than me, so I tried to let go of all worries, thoughts, expectations and just let myself be carried away by the flow of new possibilities, new feelings and love. The only thing that led me was my heart and intuition. And my brain? He didn’t understand it and he only told me all kinds of arguments why not to do IT… :-)

I really believe that always just the best is happening to me in my life, for my highest good, even if I don’t understand it right away. I know that the universe, nature, or whatever you call it, leads me to where I feel best. I really believe deeply in that, and when I look back on my life, it has always been in this way.


Honza also went through a path of transformation in his life, and one of the parts that contributed to the huge change was the raw food. He discovered this way of eating in Bali and tried to switch from the classic Czech diet. At that time, he switched purely to raw food, which is a plant-based diet, heated up to 42 degrees Celsius, a diet full of vitamins, nutrients and enzymes. This experience and transformation actually changed his whole life.

Here is a demonstration of his transformation and initial change in Bali in 3 months.

Thanks to this experience, information from abroad, he decided to build with his ex-partner Lucie the company Vitalvibe, which would bring people the best food, information, experience and knowledge that it is possible to eat and also to live and think differently. That is consciously, humbly to nature and lovingly.


The topic of healthy and pure food is one of those topics that we live the whole family. We are all interested in this topic and we love discovering new tastes, possibilities and passing on this knowledge to everyone who wants to try what it is like to eat fully and really nourish their body in the true sense of the word.

We also realize that not everyone has such opportunities to find out all the details on this topic. It is true that over the many years we have learned a lot of things and so we try to spread information through various projects and especially what we live and what helps us. (Me –, Honza –, father –, cousin Mirek –


Honza, through Vitalvibe, discovers food in the highest possible purity and quality and offers it both in the Vitalvibe store in Brno and through the e-shop

Vitalvibe is a conscious company that does a lot of things and activities differently. Believe that you will feel it energetically, if you are sensitive, when you enter the Vitalvibe store. It’s just different.

I am grateful that there are already companies in which business is not in the first place, in which it is something that goes beyond them and transcends them. That is, a strong and conscious intention to do something for others, to give others top quality products that will really help their body, which will nourish them and boost energy.

It’s beautiful to see that the man of my heart is behind it all, with his big open heart for everyone around us and for our family. Who does, whatever he does, in truth and love, and he also enjoys it and it fulfills him a lot. And I can support him with my work and my mission. Because we simply offer only what we have tried already by ourselves, what works perfectly for us, what we are excited about, and for what we can stand up with a pure heart and recommend it to others. It is also a great responsibility, and that is how we feel.


Fresh cocoa beans on the tree and me with a machete and already opened cocoa bean.

We often travel and sometimes we visit farms in person, with which we cooperate or we discover new ones as part of travel. It’s fun, an adventure, and sometimes you have to overcome yourself and some of your fears to see how cocoa grows on a tree, because all around it are leeches trying to climb on your feet and drink your blood. I experienced that and believe me, one hour of visiting cacao trees in the jungle was a small childbirth for me and at the same time a life experience. Because tasting fresh cocoa directly from the tree was the fulfillment of one little chocolate dream for me.


A bag of cocoa beans from a small farm in Sri Lanka and Honza with fresh cocoa.

Vitalvibe and laboratory tests of each purchased batch

Behind the Vitalvibe products is a great effort to find the tastiest, highest quality and purest variant of the raw material. The selection is preceded by a long journey of discovery, origin, method of cultivation, obtaining information about the farm where the raw material is grown, finally tasting within the company and laboratory tests for pesticides, herbicides, heavy metals and many other substances.

In addition, Vitalvibe does not do laboratory tests just once, but when they buy each batch of a given raw material, which they sell under Vitalvibe logo.

It can happen that one batch will be delivered to you by a certified supplier in top quality and then not by another delivery, so everything is tested and examined so that Honza can offer the best with a pure heart.

RAW chocolate in all forms is our passion

I discovered RAW chocolate with Honza and it became my passion for life and also an essential part of our kitchen. We create from RAW cocoa powderRAW cocoa butterunroasted cocoa beans and RAW 100% chocolate many delicacies, porridges, granolas, raw puddings, desserts to the production of our own mixtures for chocolate and pralines.

In this form (in the RAW quality and preferably also in BIO quality) chocolate will feed you, because it is one of the most perfect superfoods I know. It will also give you an incredible amount of energy in just a small amount. I recommend not to try it in the evening, because you don’t have to sleep until early morning (many times verified and tried, although I created many of my ebooks and cookbooks in this way, because I didn’t estimate the dose well when tasting and making evening pralines and I went to bed several times around five in the morning) . :-)

TIP: In Vitalvibe you can find chocolate in all forms and variations – RAW and BIO cocoa powder, RAW and BIO cocoa butter, RAW and BIO unroasted cocoa beans whole, grounded or sweetened by coconut nectar. Or also divine combnation of cashews, unreasted cocoa beans and coconut nectar and also many different raw chocolate bars, small chocolates with filling or raw nutellas.

It is simply chocolate kingdom :)


Chia seeds are not all the same

The quality of chia seeds that you can now get in almost every store can also differentiate, and the difference is quite huge. Of course, one thing is the quality and purity of the raw material, unfortunately you can only find out in the laboratory, because sometimes even a BIO certificate is not enough for a guarantee.

But there are other properties of chia seeds that can be measured and compared. For example, how much they can swell, also how they taste and especially if they are alive and may even germinate. If so, you can use their full potential, which they offer with their rich composition. Some chia seeds from the store will not germinate after soaking. They are then completely dead and thus have undergone a careless process, during which they have lost their enzymatic activity and probably many other substances have disappeared.

TIP: So check the germination of the seeds you buy. Raw almonds will also germinate, and sunflowers, for example, will germinate beautifully too.

Extraordinary RAW and BIO cashew nuts from Vitalvibe

Cashew nuts were one of the first products I bought as a customer at Vitalvibe and their taste completely captivated me. I’ve never had such a good cashews in my life. They are buttery, delicious and fragrant.

In addition, they are very gently peeled to ensure their RAW quality, which you will not find in almost any cashew nuts on the market, because they are processed at high temperatures (cooking in oil or flame annealing), which destroys many nutrients.

The cashew nuts offered by Vitalvibe are in RAW and BIO quality and are hand-peeled and tastelessly indescribable.

Goji – huge difference in the market, all gojis are not the same

Chinese gooseberry (Lycium chinense) fruit from Vitalvibe draws its strength from a million-year-old soil in protected valleys in the wild areas of Inner Mongolia and Tibet, Qinghai Province. They grow similarly to shrubs with grapes up to a height of 15 feet. The human hand must not touch uncollected goji berries, otherwise they will oxidize and blacken. The berries are shaken on a mat and then they are allowed to dry in the shade. There are no cultivated crops in the vicinity of 15 km that could endanger shrubs with potential infections. As a result, they are genetically very strong and their fruits do not have to be sulphurized.

As for the taste of Vitalvibe goji berries, I have experience from my courses, where there is always a tasting of vitavibe superfoods. Some course participants say that they don’t like goji, that they know them from classic shops and that they never liked them. After I convince them to taste the goji in RAW and BIO quality from Vitavibe, they tell me that those which they tasted elsewhere definitely did not have such a taste and that these are absolutely amazing.

So buy goji, which are from the place where they originally grew up, then they have the right strength and composition, because they grew up in conditions that are natural and original to them and, of course, best in BIO and RAW quality.

Proven quality of green food from Vitalvibe

Green food is one of the basic and everyday meals we have. Their quality is very important, so that they can bring you a really huge benefit for your health and body. Over the many years of raw and vegan diets, detoxifications and teachings from our raw food diet teachers, this has led us to a high proportion of green foods, algae and wild herbs in our family diet.

Green food are the most alkaline thing you can include in the menu and are a huge storehouse of nutrients, vitamins and enzymes. They usually replace one of our daily meals and, for example, we drink young barley practically whole day.

Today, you will find a large selection of green foods in shops, drugstores and pharmacies. Unfortunately, many of them are carelessly processed and of poor quality and may even contain a high percentage of heavy metals. It’s hard to find the way out, I fully understand you, so I can recommend Vitalvibe green foods for myself and Honza for Vitavibe through their purity and quality, which is checked with each batch. I also recommend quality green foods from Green Ways.

For me, these are two proven brands in top quality. Unfortunately, sometimes we see green food in stores at a price at which Honza is not able to buy them for Vitalvibe even wholesale price and which look good for a first sight. These will not bring you the expected health benefits. This is a really big and extensive topic, but at least with these few lines I want to indicate that not everything that has beautiful inscriptions and logos is high quality, unfortunately.

Special and unique crunchy SPIRULINA from Auroville 


So this kind of spirulina you will not find at any place on the market in Central Europe. It is absolutely unique in its processing, place of origin and its top and luxurious quality.

The story of this spirulina begins on an organic farm in Auroville on the coast of southern India. The specific sunny climate allows a unique way of producing high quality spirulina using organic farming methods.

Spirulina is cultivated in shallow ponds about 15 cm deep below the surface, whose water is enriched with nutrients (minerals and salts), which create optimal conditions for life of algae. The culture in the ponds is stirred several times a day to stimulate the process of photosynthesis.

Spirulina, which is collected from water in the form of biomass, undergoes a process of purification and filtration. Subsequently, it is pressed before it takes the form of a paste, which is ground into “spaghetti”. These are dried in the sun, which takes only a few hours in the local coastal climate. If you want a spicy-flavored algae, it is needed to add masala and chilli before drying (crunchy and spicy spirulina). Finally, the spirulina is crashed in pieces and wrapped.

The story of the place of origin:

This spirulina comes from an interesting place imbued with spiritual tradition. Auroville is an experimental settlement whose mission is primarily to support the spiritual development of humans and life in harmony. A number of ecological technologies and alternative methods are used here. This farm with more than twenty years of tradition is based on operation in accordance with the principles of long-term sustainability and Fair Trade. It mainly employs women from socially disadvantaged local communities. It takes care of the friendly and safe working conditions of its employees and good salaries.

Other interesting brands that Vitalvibe, as the exclusive importer to the Czech Republic, distributes and WHY:


Sunwarrior creates revolutionary anti-aging super foods that were originally created for athletes, bodybuilders and healthy lifestyle enthusiasts.

Vitalvibe offers from this company purely natural BIO and RAW plant-based proteins in TOP quality.

These proteins:

  • are in organic quality
  • no fats, additives and pigments
  • are produced by the patented process of cold extraction, they do not use any solvents, genetically modified organisms, irradiation, artificial pigments or preservatives during production
  • do not contain any heavy metals nor pesticides
  • contain all essencial aminoacids in a balanced ratio and quantity
  • are vegan, BIO and RAW, highly absorbable and easily digestible
  • plant proteins consist of the same amino acids as animal proteins, but differ in the ratio of individual amino acids. These high-quality plant proteins excel in better absorption, because unlike animal ones, they do not contain undesirable components that can reduce absorption (for example hidden fats).
  • you can choose from many types– without flavour, vanilla, chocolate
  • have an amazing taste – sometimes I eat protein powder alone or add to smoothies and porridges and also make RAW desserts from them
  • they are ideal for those who want to build muscle, reduce subcutaneous fat and improve sport performance
  • they are suitable for young, old, men and women, not only for vegans and vegetarians
  • they are 100% plant-based and alkaline
  • protein Sunwarrior is 98% identical to breast milk and boasts 98.2% digestibility, making it one of the best digestible and effective proteins compared to soy and whey proteins

Vitalvibe offers 3 lines of these proteins with different composition and different flavors:

And other very interesting products from this company include:

Mineral Rush  – vitamins and minerals in the colloidal form. It is made from natural plant sources and does not contain any artificial substances. These natural ingredients come in a form full of plant nutrients, such as fulvic acid, which helps the mineral complex to be rapidly absorbed and transported to the cells where it is needed. That is why it is called a “rush”.

It consists of natural organic plants or wild plants. These natural resources are mixed together to create the perfect pure natural fresh superfood supplement. The powerful vitamin B complex supplements the whole spectrum of minerals and other essential vitamins for a better life.

And more for example VITAMINS FOR HIM and VITAMINS FOR HER – fully natural products obtained from fresh plant sources. Each capsule is as close as possible to the natural foods we lack and is full of vitamins, minerals, plant nutrients, enzymes and antioxidants.


HealthForce Nutritionals is a company that is focused on 100% natural, vegan, medicinal superfoods for 21 years. HealthForce was co-founded in 1990 by Jameth Sheridan, D.H.M (physician of holistic medicine) and Kim Sheridan, a natural nutrition physician, both ethical vegans and researchers in natural herbal medicine.

HealthForce Nutritionals enables individuals to experience dramatic health improvements with proven TruGanic ™, a vegan, natural, superfood product developed and selected by Dr. Sheridan to achieve full health and overall fitness.

Products from Healthsforce which Vitalvibe offers:

  • SCRAM – for removal of parasites
  • LIVER RESCUE – for cleansing and regeneration of livers
  • VITAMINERAL GREEN – green capsule containing very effective, absorbable and complex substances of completely natural origin composed of spirulina, chlorella, nettle, horsetail, ginger, dandelion, barley, oat stalks, wheat germ, Icelandic algae and enzymes – suitable for those who have not yet fall in love with the taste of green food and want to use their power.

Interesting fact about Vitalvibe packaging

The packaging is special – on the underside of the bag (for products packaged with the Vitalvibe logo) there is a harmonizing symbol of the flower of life. It is not visible, but it definitely works with the given raw material in terms of energy.


We as a family simply enjoy eating healthily, naturally, with a high contribution of raw foods in top quality and finding out a lot of information that can inspire others and motivate them to do even small changes which are so important. I want to encourage you – try it sometimes. Try something from the Vitalvibe menu. If you don’t like it by chance, you can return the unpacked bag and replace it with another one. Vitalvibe also has a lot of enthusiasts and especially experts who can advise you on individual selection and recommend something for you.

And what are our basic food components that we have in our diet on a daily basis?

  • Young barley or young wheat,
  • chlorella or spirulina in powder or crunchy spirulina,
  • nutritional yeast,
  • himalayan salt,
  • RAW cocoa powder,
  • RAW 100 % chocolate,
  • BIO and RAW coconut oil,
  • MSM – It is a purely natural mineral of beauty to support the growth of hair, nails and beautiful skin. It’s really great, I used it all the time during breastfeeding and I even grew a new line of hair. In addition, it is great as a skin cream, you just need to mix one teaspoon of MSM into a small cup with a little bit of water, let it dissolve and then apply it to the skin. If you are bothered by pimples, then this MSM water is amazingly healing and very quickly heals everything imperfect on the skin and at the same time creates beautifully nourished and regenerated skin. It works great even in case of hair loss, for example after childbirth.
Raw foods we use often:
Detoxification treatmenst we enjoy one or twice per year

Why are not breastfeeding and pregnant women and children under the age of 3 allowed to use most of RAW and BIO superfoods?

The world has gone crazy and is full of regulations, directives, ordinances and provisions that prevent Vitalvibe from offering many of its pure natural foods to pregnant and breastfeeding women or children under 3 years of age. It is a big paradox for me and I would rather be afraid during the pregnancy of those artificial foods from the supermarket full of chemistry and God knows what else (it is interesting that we can eat these foods). So it’s up to everyone to consider what’s good for them and what’s not.

In any case, we cannot officially recommend natural foods. My personal experience is that I ate only BIO and RAW superfoods, green foods and proteins during pregnancy, as well as during breastfeeding.

My experience is also that my hair did not fall off (on the contrary, still grew up – experience with MSM), I breastfed Neo completely without giving him food for 13 months and a total of 2.5 years before the next pregnancy. Neo already had 8 teeth at 8 months of age and was never ill, had no stomach aches and never missed anything.

But it is always up to each of us. It is our responsibility.

If the article and raw food were interesting for you and you would like to cooperate with Vitalvibe in any form, you can contact Honza directly at


And if you would like to meet us, every last Wednesday of the month there are VEGEPARTY in Vitalvibe, which are always connected with an interesting lecture. Admission to vegeparty is for food, which we all eat together and inspire each other with various recipes.

If you don’t know how to create much yet, it doesn’t matter, bring only sliced fruits or vegetables. :-)

You can always find information about current vegeparty on facebook Vitalvibe.

And this is how vegeparties look like: