Salted Hazelnut Cookies

Course: Desserts, SweetsCuisine: RAW, VeganDifficulty: Easy
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A hazelnut variation of my favorite salted almond cookies recipe. They’re delicious both raw and baked. And you can make them many different ways because hazelnuts can be substituted by almonds, walnuts, or cashews.


  • 200 g BIO hazelnuts

  • 200 g BIO oatmeal

  • 60 ml maple syrup or coconut nectar

  • 60 ml coconut oil

  • 1/2 tsp. himalayan salt


  • Put the hazelnuts, oatmeal, and salt into your blender.
    It’s really important to mix everything with the salt in the blender to create the best dough.
  • Blend it until you get a perfectly smooth and sticky dough.
  • Put your dough into a bowl and add the maple syrup and liquid coconut oil (warm it up if needed).
  • Knead the dough.
  • Make small balls, put a half o a hazelnut in the middle and press it a bit to create the cookie shape.
  • If you want to bake them, heat your oven to 180° C and bake them on a baking paper for 15 minutes. You can also eat them raw or dry them in a dryer.


  • TIP: Try the other variations where you use walnuts, almonds, or cashews instead of almonds.
  • VIDEO: If you want to see the video with direction, check out my salted almond cookies recipe. The directions are almost exactly the same :-)