Bali Bliss balls

Course: Desserts, SweetsCuisine: RAW, VeganDifficulty: Easy

One of the most amazing raw pastries I got from Bali. The tastes in this batter are perfectly balanced. You feel a delicate sweet taste, then a cocoa tone with the end of a pinch of salt.

If you want to taste a recipe where you say “wow” after tasting it, try this one. I know you’ll be as excited as I am. Enjoy it and share it with your friends. I will be happy. :-)



  • Put all the ingredients in a blender. (It is best to put nuts with dates and raisins in the same ratio.)
    Quickly blend several times, use a tamper so that the mixture remains coarser, but still begins to merge.
  • Make balls out of the resulting mixture.